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Ricker Duval’s Public Relations Approach

Step 01
Discussion & Consultation
Whether your public image is underdeveloped or you’re trying to recover from a damaging setback, your journey to improvement should begin now. Introspection and a clear view of what you would like to achieve are the starting point. Contrary to the traditional hype, public relations activity is not about flash and glitter. Most important is your commitment to positive principles and placing yourself in a position to succeed. By relying on our personal experiences and business contacts, we can help you to develop measurable objectives and action plans that are appropriate for you and your company.
Step 02
Setting Measurable Public Relations Objectives
Measurable objectives for a new or small company may include:
  • Making or increasing profit
  • Increasing your sales volume
  • Increasing market share
  • Expanding your organization’s contribution to the community
Your current situation is the benchmark against which progress will be measured.
Step 03
Creating a PR Plan
The impact of the actions designed to upgrade public image depends on the circumstances and, perhaps, your starting point. The key objective in public relations is to earn positive “earned media” or third-party acclaim based upon your activities. This exposure carries far more weight in differentiating your company than your own advertising and marketing.

Positive activities include:

  • Speak up, Go Public
  • Any chance to talk about your unique contributions or philosophies like energy conservation, commitment to gender equality and equal pay, support for a high-profile local charity, or other positive values is an opportunity. Publicly promoting worthy causes often creates valuable 3rd party commentary.

  • Sponsor an Event
  • Sponsoring a conference or outing that underscores your company’s commitment to a single high-profile worthy cause soon identifies you with good works and solid ethical behavior. Rinker Duval has experience in organizing and marketing these types of venues and will help to bolster a lasting, positive impression.

  • Positive Partnering
  • Linking you company identity with a like-minded, reputable organization or influencer can lift your company reputation considerably. This strategy has been used by small and large companies alike.

Step 04
Review and Measurement
Image building does not usually happen overnight. The process requires a long-term, genuine commitment to achieving positive public relations, credibility, and trust. Along the way, you may judge your performance against the original measures. If you are making progress, continue. If not, we will help review your experiences and explore other positive ways to enhance your image.
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Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Your public image, either an asset or a deterrent, is the element of your business that tells the public about who you are, your beliefs and culture. As entrepreneurs themselves, the Ricker Duval partners recognize the importance of a positive reputation and company image.

Developing a Positive Public Image

For a local startup company, public relations can be your most important selling tool, surpassing advertising and marketing that proudly heralds the virtues of your product. Advertising is everywhere and the public can become cynical. A positive, consistent, and credible image supported by positive actions and thought leadership can make a difference. Ricker Duval is prepared to help you develop a roadmap that should heighten your public image. As entrepreneurs themselves, the Ricker Duval partners recognize the importance of a positive reputation and company image.

Hire a Team of Professionals, But Pay Only for What You Need

Outsourcing company and personal functions that will distract from your company mission is important.
Working with the professionals from Ricker Duval Business Solutions will:

From Financial Management to Marketing Support and more, making the Ricker Duval professionals a silent partner in your endeavor with a customized program of support will enhance your company’s performance while upgrading your image.

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