The Fix Is In: My Cookie Dealer

My Cookie Dealer offers what is perhaps the most dangerous kind of limited release allowed by law: cookies. We were made privy to My Cookie Dealer by Judy’s family, and we do not regret our newest addiction. Get the inside scoop on these half-pound gourmet “cookies” (the term “cookie” is an understatement!) and how you can get in with My Cookie Dealer below.


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What Is My Cookie Dealer?

There’s not a lot known by the public about this very exclusive, Instagram-only bakery that provides extraordinarily large, unbelievably tasty and totally unique cookie releases on an unpredictable schedule. The cookies, which are more like half-pound mounds of goodness that you can share with your whole family, are legitimately unlike anything we’ve ever seen. (Watch our review below and tell us if you’ve ever seen cookies that huge!) But beyond the sheer size of these baked goodies are the amazing, all limited flavors. 

What really gets us, especially as marketers, is how spot-on the My Cookie Dealer social marketing game is. If you’re committed to trying (and then becoming a repeat customer, because let’s be real, you’re probably going to be) these cookies, you have to follow the company on instagram and watch for their sporadic cookie drops and associated announcements. There is no other way to keep you thumb on the pulse of this bakery to order. Literally none. And if you check the comments on their Instagram posts, these cookie drops cause cookie addicts nationwide fear and joy.

What to Love

We know they say size doesn’t matter, but let’s be real, who wants a tiny cookie? And did we mention that My Cookie Dealer makes HALF POUND TREATS?  Are you serious? These are not for the fait of heart (or small of stomach) and perfect for sharing (if you’re willing). More than the size, however, are the amazing flavors My Cookie Dealer crafts.

Unique, nostalgic, decadent, and rare, the cookie assortments My Cookie Dealer creates are stratospherically good. Check out our review below to see the limited-time flavors we got our hands on. They cookies also come par-cooked, so when you buy, you finish the process by popping them into your oven at home, ensuring you get gooey-warm, cookie goodness with every bite.

How to Order

Get the details on their Instagram page and IMMEDIATELY order on their site. Did we say immediately? We mean speed of light; they sell out every time.

Good luck and enjoy your newest baked addiction! Check out our review for Unbakeables if you’re more the cookie-dough type.

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