The Importance of Building a Strong Brand

Let’s talk about branding. Brand is one of those words that is widely used, but often misunderstood and underestimated. As the dictionary defines it, a brand is a person’s perception of a product, service, experience or organization. Seems simple right?

We struggle with the word brand because it seems undefinable; it is not a concrete thing you can put in your hand. A brand is not a logo, it is not a product, it is not a person. It can mean something different to different people at different times. Brands are about feelings people have toward your product or service. And feelings are complicated! When you ask someone why they love a certain brand, you might often see a puzzled look on their face. Sure, there’s always some logical reasons, or so it seems. But what it comes down to is how that brand makes you feel.

Brands are all different sizes. Whether you are a large or small company, having a successful brand in the eyes of your consumers brings the same results. Your brand is what makes your consumers feel good when they buy your product or service, and leave your experience wanting more. Most importantly, the way consumers feel about your brand is what will make them want to tell others about it.

Often our customers, small local businesses, ask us what building a brand means for them. Why is it so important? Building a strong brand is crucial to the success of a small business. It is the one thing you can do to bridge the gap between hard times and good times in your business. As a small business, your brand is the way people feel about the experience they have with your secretary on the phone, it is the security they feel in knowing that their health was in good hands or that their food is going to taste great. Your brand is the trust your clients have in you when you are taking care of their financials and investments. Your brand is what builds loyalty and trust in your consumers. Brand loyalty will have your consumers referring you to their friends and family, and as we know in a small business, word-of-mouth advertising is everything!

So what steps can you take to strengthen your brand?

  • Consistency. Be consistent, from the image you put on your marketing materials to the quality of your final product.
  • Show you care. Every brand needs to stand for something. Show your consumers you care about community by getting involved. Show your employees care by training them properly and asking for feedback. Show your consumers you care by the quality of the product or service you sell.
  • Ability to Evolve. Always be willing to roll with the punches. Keep inventing and evolving your business to match the needs of an always changing economy. Building your brand is a never-ending process. Your consumers want you to grow and change with them.
  • Differentiate Yourself. Be original and authentic. Your brand should speak to who you are as a person, who you are as a business and what you want others to see in you. Be transparent in your offerings and your brand will be much stronger and healthier in the long run.
  • Call Ricker Duval! Building brands is our passion. Our passion is to make your business as strong and as successful as it can possibly be. We intimately understand the intricacies it takes to build brands for small businesses. So if you are ready to take your business to the next level, to see endless growth and opportunity in your future, we want to help you make that happ