Unbakeables are Making Dough in Weston

These egg-free edible cookie dough treats, Unbakeables® from Weston, are the perfect snack for the sweet-toothed folks in your life (or for yourself!). 

These egg-free edible cookie dough treats, Unbakeables® from Weston, are the perfect snack for the sweet-toothed folks in your life (or for yourself!). 

Homey Origins

Doesn’t almost everyone have fond memories of trying to snatch a bit of cookie dough from the bowl as mom was trying to get a fresh batch of cookies in the oven? Cookie dough, no matter the variety, is a delightful treat any day, any time. Up until now, it’s been a gamble with your health; the salmonella risk in eggs makes eating regular cookie dough inadvisable. But a mother-daughter entrepreneur team out of Weston, Connecticut, took the egg out and put the snacking in!

Mom Julie started making egg-free cookie dough to be enjoyed by her family at home. Working hard to perfect her recipe over the years, Julie eventually started forming unbaked cookie dough cakes for her family and friends for birthdays and celebrations. These unique cakes were always a huge hit, being devoured quickly by everyone in attendance, and that’s when Julie started creating cookie dough balls for folks to take on the go. Julie’s daughter, Corey, got in on the action, helping create new dough flavors for these creations and gifting them to her friends and peers. 

To Market To Market, Lickety Spoon

It was only a matter of time before the newly-minted (and chocolate chipped) entrepreneurs took their product to market. Since forming 2011, Unbakeables® has expanded their product line to 10 amazing dough flavors, all reminiscent of the best homemade cookies around. Shipping nationwide, you can get your orders of Unbakeables in 3-pack, 5-pack, 10-pack, or 50-piece bulk orders (ideal wedding favors, anyone?). These snacks are sure to satisfy any event (or midnight fridge run!). Plus, the treats come in unique tubes making, the confections are almost as fun to eat as they are delicious. 

Most flavors come with a chocolatey coating, making the little discs of dough easy to eat. Moreover, Unbakeables® use only the best, non-GMO ingredients. Even the sprinkles in their Birthday Cake dough are made with natural colors! What’s more, at just about 150 calories per Unbakeable bite, the guilt of stealing mom’s cookie dough is tempered by guilt-free indulgence in your sweet tooth. In fact, those 3-packs are great to take on-the-go and not worry about packing on the pounds while you nosh. 

Diversifying and Getting Out and About!

In addition to their flagship product, Julie and Corey offer baked (and bakeable!) treats to complement any cook’s meal. Unfortunately for those of us farther afield, the baked goods are only available for local delivery to Weston. But Julie and Corey are happy to travel! Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Unbakeables® hit the road often, appearing at showcase events. They hope to return to that soon! One of the keys to Unbakeables®’ success is their clear commitment to being present and active in their community, in front of their consumers, and putting their hearts and souls into their unbaked goodies. You can even catch up on their thoughts on their Founders’ blog, which both makes you crave more sweet treats and gives you insights into the world of this mom and daughter entrepreneurial duo.

Taste Testers

We got to sit down and interview Julie about cooking up business. Obviously, we followed that up with a taste test and review (that you can watch below!). One of the best parts of what we do, especially for Friday Finds, is testing the products of our fellow entrepreneurs!

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Unbakeables’ Irresistible Flavors


  • Oatrageous
  • Original
  • Cake Walk
  • Midnight Mint
  • Salty Sweet
  • Choconutter
  • Go Bananas
  • Gluten Free/Vegan Go Bananas (option, refer to drop down menu)
  • Morning Dough

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