Why Invest in Paid Social Media Agency Services?

Nowadays, social media ads are essential for all business owners, whether they are big or small companies. If you want to stand out from the crowd and the competition, paid social media ads can help improve the online presence of your business, and eventually, your sales.

In this article, we’ll go through the definition of paid social media, the five common paid social media agency services, and the advantages of paid social ads.

What Is Paid Social Media?

Paid social media is an important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. As the name implies, it is a method used to present commercial or sponsored marketing content on well-known social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Like organic social media ads, paid ads target specific audiences and sales promotions.

Examples of paid social media are pay-per-click marketing, branded or user-generated content, and display ads. Business owners who use paid social ads enjoy the benefits, such as long-term campaign exposure, market visibility, and regular message frequency.

Facebook has its own marketplace for avid shoppers, Instagram mainly uses visual content, Twitter provides short-form content, and Linkedin is the preferred platform for business experts. Read our valued tips on social media marketing to drive your sales growth.

5 Most Commonly Used Paid Social Media Agency Services

 1. Facebook Targeted Ads

It’s not by accident that Facebook Targeted Ads is the most capable ad platform nowadays on social media. With an average of 2.11 billion advertising audience, Facebook has the largest market representation of paid social media agencies. The robust bidding system used to power this feature allows business owners to place bids on various ads based on their brand, products, services, and audience. This is advantageous since you can maintain advertising to your current clients and potential leads based on their activity, behavior, gender, and other demographics.

2. Instagram Ads

A business profile is required to run ads and set up an online store on Instagram. Based on the latest Instagram report, the platform’s paid social ads can reach up to 1.16 billion accounts, with 84% of users discovering new items. If you’re running e-commerce or don’t have a website ready to accept payments, you may lean on Instagram. And because Facebook owns Instagram, you can run paid ads simultaneously on both platforms. Using Instagram Ads, you can opt to choose an ad spend level that fits within your budget.

3. LinkedIn Ads

Millions of professionals connect with thousands of business decision-makers, hiring managers, and leaders in your sector using LinkedIn. The platform’s paid ads can help you contact those same people on behalf of your company. LinkedIn reports an average $5.26 cost per click with the potential to reach an 800 million ad audience. It provides sponsored ads, messaging, content, and more. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn focuses on B2B advertising campaigns.

4. Twitter Ads

Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Twitter has the lowest average cost-per-click (CPC) at $0.38 and the cheapest average cost-per-mille (CPM) at $6.46. Because there is less competition, impressions, and clicks on Twitter, paid ads can be cheap, making it easier to convert Twitter users into suitable prospects for sales. The platform also automatically promotes tweets to your audience, plus you can target ads based on your business goals and specific demographics.

5. TikTok Ads

The 88 million TikTok users that watch the ads in the platform represent 11.20% of the total user population. A typical TikTok ad costs $1 per click and targets a lot of potential clients, particularly younger generations. While being a relatively new paid social media ad platform, TikTok’s ad feature has been centered on product ads that play videos on users’ “For You” feeds. Given the platform’s popularity and the 45 minutes users spend on it per day, this is a fantastic option for businesses with TikTok-inclined customers.

Advantages of Paid Social Media Ads

Social media ad management has a lot of advantages for businesses, just like any PPC campaign. Here are a few benefits of using paid social ads.

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  • Cost-effective

You can get an average ROI of a whopping 200% from PPC, which is also a less expensive option than targeting your rivals’ audience.

  • Promotes brand awareness

Depending on your social media presence, you can use paid social media ads to further extend the scope of your reach to promote the awareness of your brand. You can also have your ads tailor-made according to your brand messaging, image, and taste.

  • Comes in different formats

Different social media ads offer various formats and media types, including video, infographics, content, audio, and more.

  • Creates engagement

Users can like, share, and comment about your products or services experience, thus creating conversation, followers, and conversion for you.

  • Offers precise targeting

Leads from paid social media ads provide extensive information about themselves, so you can target demographic precisely.

  • Non-intrusive

Social media ads are generally challenging to pinpoint from regular posts on websites, making them less intrusive to reaching your audience.

Hire the Best Paid Social Media Agency

Social media ads are one of the most successful and efficient ways to establish contact with your target audience and convert them into buying customers. No other form of advertising is as reliable and scalable as social media ads.

The best approach you can take for your first campaign with the much-needed confidence is to hire a trustworthy paid social media agency. If you have set your goals, contact us today, and let us direct our efforts to help you achieve your sales objectives.